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The law office of Fair FitzGerald & Hershaft, PC is a fixture of the legal community in Westchester County, New York. The firm is a Martindale-Hubbell™ AV Peer Review rated boutique law practice devoted to providing individuals and business owners with prompt, efficient service in a cost-effective manner.

Knowledgeable, Friendly Counsel


The attorneys, paraprofessionals, and support staff work as a team to make sure each experience with the firm is a good one. Every team member of the office is responsive to clients' needs. They strive to build lasting relationships with their clients.



Lynn Elizabeth Guercio - lynn@fair-law.com

Catherine L. Pisacreta - cathy@fair-law.com

Support Staff


Robert Villanova - robert@fair-law.com  Office Manager and Bookkeeper

Pamela Pati - pam@fair-law.com  Executive Assistant

Ann Dzilinski - ann@fair-law.com  Administrative Assistant & Client Relations


Meeting Clients' Unique Needs

Many firms have expert lawyers who focus on one specific area of law without ever branching out. Fair FitzGerald & Hershaft, PC does not adhere to this common structure. The firm studies the dynamics between different areas of law and uses its knowledge of their interaction to the advantage of their clients.

The attorneys address planning complexities relating to estates, trusts, and retirement plans–including tax-favored accumulations and insurance planning–and business transition concerns that extend beyond tax issues. They develop sound transition plans tailored to each unique situation.