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Executive Benefit Programs

Executive benefit programs require careful planning.  Though many rank and file employee benefits are mandated by law, executive packages are determined by negotiation.  The attorneys of Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft have a thorough understanding of the interplay between deferred compensation, stock options, life insurance, retirement options, and other employee benefits.  They provide expert legal counsel related to a wide spectrum of compensation issues, such as:

  • Nonqualified deferred compensation
  • Split dollar insurance plans
  • Incentive pay and salary continuation programs

Experienced counsel from multiple perspectives

Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft's attorneys guide upper-management employees and senior executives through the process of finalizing compensation and benefit packages.  They carefully review contracts to make sure clients have a full understanding of any agreements before any paperwork is signed.  The attorneys examine many outside issues that may impact benefits packages, including:

  • Taxes
  • Securities
  • Exchanges of stock
  • Employment law
  • Accounting

The firm's team works hard to maximize current and future benefits.