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Real Estate Sales and Leasing

The firm of Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft is fully familiar with the details of applicable federal and New York laws involving real estate transactions.  The firm's capable lawyers specialize in:

Residential and commercial sales

It is important to consult an attorney well-versed in property law when buying or selling a home, office building, or business or professional space.  The lawyers of Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft thoroughly examine all real estate documents to ensure they comply with state and federal laws and eliminate potential risks that may arise at a later date.  Thorough advance preparation ensures a smooth closing, and can save clients valuable time and money.

Residential and commercial leasing

Landlords and tenants alike come to Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft for assistance with residential and commercial leasing matters.  The firm's attentive attorneys carefully review, negotiate, and draft leases designed to protect clients' interests.

Contracts, deeds, and other documents

Purchase and sale agreements are necessary to protect each party's rights during a real estate transaction.  When improperly written, however, they can pose a great risk and put buyers in a position where they may lose their deposit.  The firm's lawyers provide sound legal advice regarding the terms and conditions of purchase and sale agreements and work directly with their clients until all necessary stipulations are met.

Mortgage refinancing

Refinancing property with a new loan may be a good way to lower interest rates and make additional funds available. Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft can assist with clients in determining whether refinancing their mortgage is the best option in their current situation.

Title problems

Unresolved issues regarding liens, boundary disputes, or violations of local laws must be addressed before a closing can take place.  Fair, FitzGerald & Hershaft will deal with these issues in a timely way in order to keep time-sensitive transactions on schedule.